If you have a traditional business, so a website can give you a real boost. A website can give you real benefits even if you have a side business. This article will provide you with the importance of having a website. If you are not an IT expert so definitely a website setup is a confusing process for you. And to hire a professional website developer is also an expensive task for you. So we have found a solution to your problems and that is WordPress.

What Is WordPress?

It is designed to help its users to set up, organize and apply the content (text & pictures, design, videos etc) on your website. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system created by PHP & MySQL. Its template and plugin architecture system allows its users to understand and work easily.

7 Reasons To Choose WordPress For Your Business Website

When you are selecting a CMS you will have lots of choices and they are all different in terms of price, functionality, and philosophy. Here’s why WordPress is the user-friendly and cost-effective platform for small businesses. 

1. WordPress Is Free

Developing a new website by using WordPress is very affordable. In the beginning, you just have to buy a hosting and domain for your website. Then you can use a free theme which has good features but you can also buy more attractive and more features through paid themes as per your interest but the WordPress CMS has no costs to download.

2. Easy To Use

WordPress honours itself on its five minutes setup and help guides to travel you through the procedure. Non-technical individuals can also set up the WordPress site. You will find the step by step guide if you want to get a complex solution but for newbies going from zero to developing a website in a few minutes is more than enough

3. Vast Support Community

WordPress has the 33% of world count on all websites, and it has a 60% share of the CMS market. The plenty of peoples are using WordPress and number of answers are already available if you are facing any problem or you have a question there is an answer waiting for you in any WordPress support or developer forum.

You can also outsource/hire professionals for your website maintenance, content modification, and design improvements. There are plenty of options are available like developers, writers, editors, and designers to understand and work on your CMS.

4. Unique & Attractive Website

Professional developers always try to modify and improve WordPress’s code because it is an open source code. You can choose your desired theme from thousands of free and paid themes. You can find out your desired themes just by typing your key phrases in the search bar.

Unique and attractive website

5. Create Your Dream Functionality With WordPress Plugins

Once you’ve chosen a web host and a theme and set up your basic site, there are thousands of plugins you can use to make the site work exactly the way you want it to. Whether you want it to load faster, backup automatically, or optimize your blog posts for search results, there’s a plugin (or five) for that. And because WordPress supports multimedia content, you’re not limited to blog posts and photos. You can embed videos, podcasts, and slideshows on your site with the right plugins.

6. Serious Security Level

WordPress also updates its advance level features if you allow it. It is very easy to handle with your software updates while using WordPress Plugins. Due to the latest updates of plugins the hackers cannot damage your website. You can set updates for your plugins automatically or as per your needs just by clicking the check boxes next to the relevant items.

website security

7. Optimization Is Very Easy

A website depends on the professional developers and designers but every website may needs improvements in design, content, pictures, speed and tags etc. no matter how much you have invested to create a website. You must need to do the SEO and fulfill the needs of Penguin and Panda Google Algorithms.

WordPress provides user-friendly and search engine friendly features, because of this your website performs better in search quieries, particularly after adding Yoast SEO plugin. WordPress is also very good for other interfaces like mobile and tablets. WordPress web development can give you a complete responsive and optimized website.

If you are planning to sell products from your website directly then the WordPress plugin Woo Commerce makes it easy for you to sell products. You can also do digital downloads, subscriptions, and membership access to your site by using this plugin. If somehow you want to change your hosting services, so you can transfer your complete WordPress website to a new host comfortably, with less steps and time.

Right Choice for Your Site

Finally, if you need and want a website that looks professional, gets traffic and leads, and is easy to install and customize, the WordPress is always the best choice you ever have even if you if you are not a developer.