SEO demands are updating day by day, and it can be tough to carry on with the advance developments. But at the same every digital business has to upgrade its features as per the rank brain SEO standards to increase the appearance and traffic.

SEO is very important for the ranking a good optimized site can get more and more traffic with the passage of time, which can increase the leads and sales. On the other side due to poor SEO search engines can give value to a website and no one or only few people can find that website. This guide will show you the important SEO ranking factors. You can have a well optimized website if you follow these points.

1- Secure and Accessible Website

The URL is the first thing which impacts on the performance of a website and SEO. If a URL is well defined so Google’s bots can easily reach and crawl it.

Google reads URL and give value if the web page has relevancy with the URL, Meta tags, and content. Easy to read URL is very important for both search engines and humans. You can control indexing by these following tools:

  • A robots.txt file informs Google that which portion is index able and which is not.
  • A sitemap.xml file lists all pages, posts, categories, tags and other information. Users can create sitemap.xml file by online sitemap generator. WordPress users can use Yoast SEO Plugin which will create a sitemap itself.
  • HTTPS is a light weight ranking factor it does not stop the indexing but it ensures the security of a website.

If you have not set the https for your website so recommends you to enable your SSL security now.

2- Web & Mobile Speed Optimization

Page speed is considered as the main SEO ranking factor for years. Google always wants to enhance the user experience of the web and mobile because a slow speed can reduce the user experience and ranking.

Speed Optimization

Google has declared an update regarding search engine algorithm by focusing on the mobile page speed optimization since July 2018. According to the update a website will be penalized if your site doesn’t load fast on mobile devices, then it could be penalized. Use Google Speed Tester or Gtmetrix as the mobile testing tool and find out the performance of your website. If your website is in WordPress so you can read this article 7 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Website and start SEO.

3- Mobile Friendliness

When we are talking about mobile optimization the mobile friendliness is another important SEO ranking factor. These days more people use mobile devices than desktops to interact the web for hiring any service or buying any product. So this why mobile ranking has become more important than desktop.

Consider these points first to do the optimization:

  • Responsive website which automatically fit its resolution in all devices like mobile, tablet and desktop etc.
  • A website must have easy to read large font size.
  • Your website should clear all accessibility standards.
  • A website must have easy to tap navigability
  • A website must not hide the content. All content must be easy to access and readable.

You can get more tips and tricks on mobile-friendly and responsive design to improve Google search ranking.

4- Domain Authority

A new developed website has a low level of trust even they have published quality material but a website with good quality stuff get ranking as much as it becomes old.

A website can increase its domain authority by publishing its quality content on another high authority website to get the links. These white hat backlinks help a website to increase its domain authority. Domain authority can be checked by

5- Optimized Content

We have notified about content several times because the content is the king. It is the real SEO ranking factor and it impacts on the appearance and ranking of a website directly. The user-experience, links and RankBrain depends on the content.

Optimized Content

Now Google’s search algorithm depends on the keywords. Whenever someone searches any information by writing words or phrases these are known as the keywords. A website have to insert quality and unique content in its web pages this is how its web pages can have multiple long tail and targeted keywords.

Maximum content means maximum keywords which can increase the chances of search appearance against multiple keywords.

6- Technical SEO

Earlier it has described that acquiring the code correct is one perspective of content optimization. Here are some other points regarding code which you should know:

  • Google check titles after URL so insert keywords into page titles to show the content relevancy.
  • Use heading tags (H1, H2, H3… H6) to show the content hierarchy.
  • Use a stunning, grabbing and to the point Meta description for users and search engines with the limit of 160 characters.
  • Use your primary keywords or relevant keywords in the alt tag of images.

Identifying the appropriate schema markup tag is also very important to increase the search appearance.

7- User Experience (RankBrain)

Google is using machine-learning artificial intelligence system which is known as the RankBrain. The other ranking signals which impacts on the search engine ranking are:

  • CTR – It is a percentage of people who click to visit a website after a query comes up in search results
  • Bounce Rate – it is defined as the percentage of visitors who visit a single web page on a website. A high bounce rate is bad when traffic does not get what they are expecting and leave your website immediately. Poor design and optimization are also factors of high bounce rate. Even though some time bounce rate is not a bad thing such as a user gets its answer instantly, the user did bookmark and leave etc.
  • Pogo-sticking – In Pogo sticking a client does a search, clicks on an outcome, and closes or goes back very quickly, and uses other different results. This kind of process shows an immediate discontent situation. Pogo sticking is always bad.
  • Dwell time – This is the time which a user spends on a website after a search query.

The spider of Google scans everything on a website and on behave of CTR, bounce rate, pogo sticking and dwell time it gives the ranking to any website. So do check your results and also make essential changes to increase the website performance.

8- Links

Internal linking is very important to divide the traffic from one page to another. This is also transfer the page authority of one page to another. On the other hand the domain authority is increased by getting backlinks from high authority websites.

Create quality content use high commercial keywords and then publish it on the high authority websites can give solid and trusted backlinks and also can increase the domain authority of a website.

9- Social Signals

Share your content on your social networks so that your interesting audience can view your material. They will redirect to your website as the new destination while they visits your social activities. These social activities are not the direct feedbacks but it can impact well on your efforts.

You have to create an easy to read and share material on your social media so that anyone from your targeted traffic can visit and share your content.

10- Real Business Information

You can use advance level white hat content marketing methods like guest posting, article submission, business listing and other tools to publish your material to get the organic traffic.