WordPress is the most popular open source (CMS) Content Management System, and about 75 million websites are using it.

It has free installation, setup, and upgrade process. The users can install many plugins and templates as per their needs, which reduce the costs of development and placement time. The professional wordPress developers at GlowLogix have many years of gathered experience and assets to apply best quality, optimized and responsive websites using WordPress. Please read these five reasons and know that why it’s our top choice for clients:

1. Most Popular CMS in the World

WordPress retains the huge CMS market share and presently accounts for over a quarter of all websites. This is why a lot of operators understand the working process of WordPress CMS. A developer may need less training when developing a new site.

WordPress CMS

This is the CMS survey report according to the W3Tech’s survey of the top 1 million domains.

2. Open Source With Room For Expansion

WordPress a free platform and also self-hosted, so anyone can download, install, and upgrading it free but businesses can also use the premium feature. More than 50,000 free and premium WordPress plugins are available in the market like Yoast (SEO Optimization), Galleries, and contact forms etc.

Open source wordpress

The developers of Glowlogix have created these plugins:

  1. WooCommerce add to cart multiple variations
  2. Stripe custom connected accounts for destination charge
  3. API Interface WooCommerce – internal use – no online payments – orders only
  4. Data tables with server side AJAX

3. Highly Customization Flexible 

WordPress is famous because of its flexible framework, which allows designers and developers to create and change designs and applications. WordPress is linked with user-generated extensions; websites are no longer limited by business extensions.

Our developers have advance level WordPress functionalities, as well as integrating a wide rank of plugins, to meet our client’s unique desires.

4. Easy To Use For Everyone

WordPress was specifically developed for the bloggers to save their efforts when it was not popular. But now it is being used for almost every aspect of the global market, from small business to large, blogs, news and e-commerce platform. Its user-interface components are mostly easy to use. Many written and recorded manuals are also available for ease of learning. Our professionals deal with all the complications of installation, setting up and customization. You can easily update the content, pictures, and blogs.


5. Setup and Maintenance Costs

According to Glowlogix, other “Open Source CMS” such as Drupal and Joomla are expensive for setup, customization, and maintenance than WordPress. Moreover, it is comparatively simpler to find WordPress designers and developers if more customization or development is required in the future. You don’t get closed by a static website or master CMS that is expensive to twist after first development.

WordPress can give you benefits quickly. Contact us today to know more.