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Maritime – Jeff Brown Yachts (JBY)

Maritime – Jeff Brown Yachts (JBY)

JBY Axopar configurator which acts as a tool to explore the many options available on Axopar models (Yachts), select a model, browse and select from dozens of custom options.


Embark on luxurious maritime adventures with Jeff Brown Yachts (JBY). Glowlogix delivered exceptional solutions for JBY's complex needs, offering customized services and a low-fidelity mock UI perspective.

Super admin:

  1. Able to create/manage all Concierge and owner accounts
  2. Able to manage all boat details
    • Boat type (text field)
    • Number of cabins (dropdown)
    • Number of heads (dropdown)
    • Length (text field)
    • Beam (text field)
    • Draft (text field)
    • Quantity Engines (dropdown)
    • Engine types (text field)
    • Features (text area)
    • Sirena 64 guest limit TBD at sea, TBD bay cruise/dock party o Sirena 58 guest limit = 12 at sea, 24 bay cruise/dock party o Pardo 50 guest limit = TBD at sea, TBD bay cruise/dock party o Pardo 43 guest limit = 10 at sea, 16 bay cruise/dock party o Pardo 38 guest limit = TBD at sea, TBD bay cruise/dock party o Brabus 900 = 8 at sea, 12 bay cruise/dock party
  1. Able to set up the boat availability calendars for upcoming years and change calendar status from hidden, to visible, to open for reservations
  2. Able to mark a date on a calendar as a holiday
  3. Able to change the text content of the Terms of Use policy
  4. Able to do everything a concierge can do


  1. Able to create a boat owner account
  2. Able to see the last logged-in date for boat owners
  3. Able to edit the boat availability calendar (blackout dates for maintenance and/or cleaning, add/edit/cancel a boat owner’s reservation)
  4. Able to book a new reservation which is saved with Pending Status until approved by the concierge
  5. Able to mark a Pending reservation as Approved
  6. Able to approve/edit/delete boat owner add-ons selected for upcoming reservations
  7. Should receive an email notification when new Pending reservations are made, and when changes are made to existing reservations
  8. Able to manage my profile, reset my password
  9. Able to reset a boat owner’s password

Boat owner:

  1. Should you wish to embark on an ocean trip, a bay cruise, or a docking event (where the boat remains docked, and no captain is aboard), these options will be addressed during the boat reservation process.
  2. Able to add/edit/delete # of adults (18+), # of youth (2- 17), # of babies (under 2) on my boat for an upcoming reservation
  3. Able to add/edit/delete guest names (optional) from an upcoming reservation (no guest contact info needed)
  4. Able to add/edit my trip details for an upcoming reservation (destination, sleeping on a boat or shore, the rough itinerary for the trip
  5. Able to add/edit my preferred departure/return time for an upcoming reservation (drop down to select times in 30 min increments)
  6. Able to include comments about my trip when creating/editing my reservation (text area)
  7. Able to include comments about my guests when creating/editing my reservation (medical/allergy notices, etc, text area for all guests, not individual for each guest
  8. Able to select trip add-ons from a preset menu, and request custom trip add-ons to a text area field (checkboxes for preset items + text area for additional requests)
  9. Able to manage my user profile, edit my contact info, reset my password
  10. Able to view the activity on my ownership account
  11. View the availability calendar for my boat for
    • Upcoming reservations
    • Past reservations
    • Number of weekdays used/unused/reserved in the year (format = xx used + xx reserved / 36)
    • Number of holidays/weekends used/unused/reserved in the year (format = xx used + xx reserved / 24)
  12. Able to view/edit/cancel an upcoming Approved reservation
  13. Able to create a waitlist request for an already booked date
  14. Should receive a cancellation notice when ANY owner cancels a reservation on my boat, opening up those dates for my potential use
  15. Able to delete a waitlist request for an already booked date.
  16. Should receive a confirmation email when the boat owner submits a new Pending reservation, plus a standard statement on all requests that the reservation is PENDING until reviewed and approved by the Concierge so the Concierge can block out cleaning times after the trip, make sure a captain is available, and they can secure slips at the requested destination, etc.
  17. Should receive a reminder email 48 hours before the start that includes these items in a reminder email to the owner 48 hours before reservation:
    • departure time
    • departure location
    • Number of guests
    • add-ons to be provided
    • destination(s)
    • name and contact info of captain
  18. Able to click the Help button to submit a question by email to the Concierges
  19. Able to click the Service button to submit maintenance/cleaning notice that includes a description of the problem


  • After the development of the JBY Owner’s Portal, Jeff Brown Yachts were able to onboard co-sharing customers for their boats. Additionally, they made plans to franchise our solution all over the United States with similar companies.


  • Laravel

  • Php


““Top result and finishing touch! Build complete structure with outstanding service. Did all the tasks that as I expected. Also a very good personal interpretation of the final product.”

Kyle Fuchs


“We have agency partnership with Glowlogix. Their resource is performing excellent. The company always stands there if any problem exists. Great guys to work with.”

Lizzy Reese