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Platinum HR

Platinum HR

Platinum HR experience can save you valuable time and money. By assigning a dedicated HR professional to your business, we help maintain compliance and build a healthy company culture.



The challenge that Platinum HR gave to Glowlogix was to build a comprehensive HR system. The challenge was to create three dashboards (Super Admin, Admin, Users) for smooth operations of any company to avoid compliance issues.


Glowlogix after having a discovery meeting with Chris Anderson (CEO of Platinum HR) gave the following solutions.
 Super admin:
  • Able to view failed payments
  • Create a course using the wizard
  • Edit course content
  • Apply coupon codes to the registration process
  • Able to add a document template
  • Add fields on the document template
  • Assign an order to signatures
Company Admin:
  • Able to communicate with HR professionals on tasks
  • Edit course content
  • Create courses using the wizard
  • Apply coupon codes to the registration process & buying process
  • Use document templates, and update fields on document templates created & added by the super admin
  • Send documents to employees in the system
  • Able to assign an order to signatures, fill the assigned documents, & see the signed documents
Apart from these super admin and admin features, the following were the important solutions provided by Glowlogix.
  • HR Pro name should be a link for client company users
  • Courses should not be visible on the client company show page for super admin
  • HR Pro show page (name issue)
  • There should be a required primary phone number field for client companies
  • HR Pro shouldn't be seeing his name on his client company show page
  • On the chat page there should be space between the sender's name and the message
  • From the client user in the HR Pro page their name must be in one field and status must be removed and if data is not available it should display N/A
  • Requested filter for HR Pro projects
  • Client company should not be able to order service if no HR Pro is assigned
  • Prevent sending multiple approvals for a single request
  • Development of a WP plugin to replace the existing one for new article publication notifications for client company admins, leaders, and employees without impacting the existing system
  • Development to reroute existing order placement behavior to the app and create orders without impacting existing orders and other existing payment implementations
  • Development of a login endpoint for users to choose between PHR and the legacy system to support a gradual phase-out deployment strategy
  • Client company’s courses shall not be shown to super administrators
  • Configuration of production email services
  • Integration of application monitoring to ensure PHR uptime
  • Configuration of production debug logs
  • Comprehensive end-to-end to resolve any issues before the launch
  • Configuration of payment integration for production


  • After the development of the platform, Platinum HR onboarded all of their existing clientele to our solution and were freed from having to manage their existing clunky solution that was based on a combination of WordPress plugins and documents.


  • Laravel

  • Php


““Top result and finishing touch! Build complete structure with outstanding service. Did all the tasks that as I expected. Also a very good personal interpretation of the final product.”

Kyle Fuchs


“We have agency partnership with Glowlogix. Their resource is performing excellent. The company always stands there if any problem exists. Great guys to work with.”

Lizzy Reese