WordPress Website Builder, 29 Reasons To Choose

29 Reason to choose WordPress Website Builder

Written by - anum

January 30, 2021

29 Reasons to choose a WordPress website builder

WordPress Website Builder is used by 39% of all websites, according to a recent study conducted by Netcraft. Its CMS is so simple that even web novices can use it easily. But don’t think that its CMS is not powerful. It is much more powerful compared to other CMS systems. If you are going to build a new website, either a small or a large website, you should consider these 29 reasons to choose a WordPress website builder.


WordPress Website Builder


This is a step-by-step guide worth mentioning points that will show you why WordPress is best to start developing a new website or switching to it if you are using any other builder.

Free of Cost:

WordPress is open-source. You can change its source code to improve the functionality of your website. You can also change its code to change the appearance of a website in the browsers. But at the same time, it does not charge you a penny, neither at the start of the development of your website nor if you have millions of visitors to your site.

If you are going to develop your website, we can provide you with services for the installation of WordPress on your site for free. You can contact us to install and set up WordPress on your site for free.

A leader in CMS Market:

Statistics provided by W3Schools show that 59.5% of all websites over the internet use the CMS system of WordPress. Joomla is in 2nd position that has a market share of only 5.9%, Drupal is having 4.9%, and Magento is having 2.8% of the market share in CMS. From this, you can see the major difference between CMS builders. WordPress has actually thrown all of its competitors out of the game.

Easy to configure and use:

When you install WordPress on your website, there is no need for a configuration of it, nor any customization. You just have to install a theme of your choice and plug-ins to perform the functionality required and you can start to upload data on your website. You can easily integrate social media feeds, comments, etc.


Easy to configure and use



WordPress Website Builder is SEO Friendly:

WordPress is SEO-friendly with all search engines. Most popular search engines like Google & Bing have set their parameters such that they tend to rank higher websites developed with WordPress. Their spiders can crawl easily. This is just because of the CMS of WordPress. In 2009, Matt Cutts of Google has personally endorsed WordPress to build a website.


WordPress Website builder is SEO friendly




WordPress is flexible and you can install plugins and extensions to perform almost all types of functions needed on your website. Either you are a small business, an e-commerce website of any size, or a personal blog, its CMS is so adaptable that it cannot be taken for granted.

Security & Safety:

Hackers are always trying to hack websites. The reason that WordPress is so famous is the security measures that a takes to develop a website using WordPress. CMS of WordPress is updated constantly by its staff. Plug-ins used to perform the functionality are also constantly updated.


WordPress website builder Security & Safety


You should always download plugins that are from trustworthy sources. You should always install a plug-in on your site while keeping logged into the C-Panel of WordPress.

WordPress Website Builder is Customizable:

You can easily change the appearance of your WordPress theme by its customization. There are many free and paid themes available in the market. WordPress provides you many themes for free. You can add a theme of your choice and customize it according to your needs for the better performance of your website.


WordPress Website builder is Customizable



Mobile Friendliness:

Google has started penalizing websites by ranking them lower in SERPs that are not mobile-friendly. Most of the themes used in WordPress are automatically responsive to PC, tablets, and smartphones. So you need not overhaul your website.


WordPress website builder Mobile friendly


WordPress also gives the option for the websites to be viewed in “Mobile View” for those themes also which are not responsive.

CMS of WordPress Website Builder is Simple:

One of the major reasons for being so popular with WordPress is its simplicity. CMS of WordPress is very user-friendly and even a non-techy person can develop his website after a little bit of learning. Apart from its simplicity, the platform is very intuitive.

Support Sources:

There are many WordPress communities available on the internet. You can find a lot of help from these communities. WordPress forums provide support to help each other out. This leads to an interactive community where you can learn a lot.


WordPress Support source



Use by Big Brands:

Most well-known brands have established their websites using WordPress. Brands like Mozilla, Coca-Cola, Wall Street Journal, etc. have built websites by using it. Every company gets millions of page views per day, meaning that WordPress is considered a solution provider to your business.

Support for Multimedia:

With WordPress, you can easily integrate your videos. You can upload a video on your website, also you can embed code through HTML. Audio, images, and other forms of media can also be easily integrated into your website using WordPress. Multimedia lowers the bounce rate of customers on your website.


To give a more modern look to your website, you can integrate 3rd-party platforms into your WordPress site. You can do it with the help of plug-ins. For example, you can set up email campaigns and send newsletters to your subscribers. You can accept payment by integrating a plugin into your WordPress website Builder.


WordPress integration



Easy to Manage:

The CMS of WordPress updates automatically for security purposes. It also tells us about the new updates available for the plug-ins. This makes it simple to manage your website and easy to use.

Not Just Blogging:

WordPress was initially started for ideal blogging. Now, most businesses use it to outreach to their customers. Most of the big brands are using the technique of blogging. This means that they add dynamic pages to their static pages like “Contact-Us”, “About Us”. From this, you can easily understand that it can perform well as a blogging website and an e-commerce website in a single website structure.

Integration of Social Media:

You can easily integrate social media accounts into your WordPress website. This makes it easy for your customers to do commenting on your services or blog using their social media accounts. The integration of social media in your website also increases your website’s traffic.


As WordPress is open-source software, it is free for every user. You can easily build your website bypassing web developers and web designers. You need not pay heavy amounts to website designers and developers.

Multiple Solutions for E-Commerce:

You can create any type of E-Commerce store, simple or complex, by using WooCommerce. Plugins like WooCommerce and WP Ecommerce allow you to develop an online E-Commerce store using WordPress Website Builder.

Supported by Every Web Hosting Server:

Almost every web hosting company offers WordPress as a CMS. So if you are not satisfied with the services of one hosting company, you can switch to another hosting company without any complexity.


WordPress hosting servers



Fresh Looking of Site:

It is recommended nowadays that you update your site every three years. SO you can give a whim to your site through any free or premium paid themes available in the market. Giving a fresh look to your site boosts the level of confidence of your customers in your business.

Membership Service Provider:

There are many plugins available at WordPress through which you can accept money by selling membership on your site. Like “Medium”, you can earn revenue by charging their readers for the exclusive content on your site.


Membership service provider



Schedule your Posts:

You can write the content for your website at once and then you can schedule the publishing of your content. If your site has plenty of traffic, scheduling posts make it convenient at a particular block of time.


Schedule your posts



Multi-Users Management:

If your website is managed by many individuals, then in WordPress you can make it possible by assigning different access roles to different admins. You can provide the following roles through plugins


Multi-user management


  • Super Admin – Will have complete access to all features of the website.
  • Administrator – Will have access to only administration features.
  • Editor – Can publish or post their own blogs, articles, etc. Can approve or disapprove the posts from other users.
  • Author – Only can publish and manage their own posts.
  • Contributor – Able to write and manage own posts but will rely on the administrator to approve these posts.
  • Subscribers – Only can view or edit their own profile.

Addition of Testimonials:

If your website is selling products, then thanks to WordPress for enabling the features of adding testimonials. Several plugins are available at WordPress, which you can add to your website, through which your customers will leave their reviews and testimonials about your products. Testimonials increase the credibility of your products.




Some plugins offer widgets. By using these widgets, a customer can see the reviews about your business on a scroll.

Immediately Publishing Content:

If you don’t want to schedule the publishing of your content, nothing can stop you from publishing content immediately. You can publish your content with a single click of the mouse from anywhere in the world at any time.

HTML code learning is not needed:

HTML is difficult to learn for a newbie. WordPress uses the rule of WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get). WordPress has its own website builder panel. Or you can install a plugin called Elementor. It allows you to build a website with the drag and drop method.


HTML code learning is not needed



Universal Dashboard:

The WordPress dashboard looks the same on every platform that you use. Due to its universal property, you can add features like lists of new posts, recent comments, etc.

Continuous Improvements:

WordPress Developers are very innovative. They keep improving it all the time. WordPress staff is always adding new features to make improvements, developers are always creating new plugins for the better functionality of the websites, coders program new features for the better customization of your website. All this stuff makes the CMS of WordPress better for you to build a glorious website.


Continuous improvements



SEO Friendly Approach:

With WordPress, you can install the very famous plugin “Yoast”. This helps you in doing On-Page SEO. This will help you in achieving higher positions in SERPs.


SEO friendly Approach



Summary of WordPress Website Builder:

Either you want to build a website for a personal blog, to sell your services, or an e-commerce store of any category, WordPress is there to fulfill your needs. With the help of plugins and Widgets, you can make a stunning website using WordPress to enhance your business.

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