Disabling Search Engine Indexing For WordPress

Disabling search engine indexing for WordPress

Written by - anum

January 17, 2019

Spider of Google Bot reads web pages to check and verify the quality. This process of scanning web pages is called Google Indexing. We publish new content (text and images) to be indexed by Google so that Google can gives us value over our competitors after scanning and analyzing. Search Engine Indexing is a process of gathering, analyzing, and saving data to ease a quick and precise instruction revival of a website.

There are few reasons to turn off the whole website indexing or any specific web page’s indexing. We are showing you the step by step guide to turn off the indexing of any wordpress website during the development duration.

Step # 1

Enter your username and password and login to your

Step # 2

WordPress indexing

Step # 3

Now scroll down when the “Reading Settings” page will open and click on “Search Engine Visibility” option and mark it as Checked.


Step # 4

Click “Save Changes
button to save your changes.

This is how you can turn off the indexing and stops search engines
to read your web pages while you are updating your website. But do not forget
to turn on the indexing after editing your website so that search engines can
index your website and you can get benefits.

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