Understand the Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Written by - anum

February 13, 2019

If you are planning to have a website for your local or global business or blog so before developing your WordPress site, you need to figure out the basics of on-site search engine optimization, usability, links and crawl-ability. If you do not do this, then you have to face a lot of problems some of them may be very serious.

After planning designing and development you have to install the Yoast plugin start the on page SEO.

  • Slugs – Slug is placed after the home page URL like this https://glowlogix.com/about-us/ “/about-us/” is a slug here. It is at the end of your page or post URL and it follows your website domain. You should choose a slug which will describe your web page at first impression and do not use any ‘stop words’ such as “a, and, the, of, etc.” You should also use a simple and easy to read URL for both users and search engines.
  • Links – Anchor text <a href=” https://glowlogix.com/”?page_id=33;/a> is the text which reacts like a button. When some click on this link to another page/link appears. So anchor text is basically representing a link which should be attached correctly. If this link is not the right one so it will give a bad impact on the user. You should also use a valuable text for which you want to get the 1st page ranking like “ABC Brand” in the anchor instead of blind text such as “Click Here”.
  • Meta Descriptions – When a site appears in a Google search, Meta description is a little snippet of text that appears under your listing. It should be unique, attractive, and most relevant to that web page so that it encourages visitors to click on the query link.
  • Alt Text – It is the alternative text written in the “Alt” tag while uploading an image. If somehow an image disappears or damaged so this alt text will be shown. Search engines read the alt text values of all images in the website and give the ranking. If a site has inserted most relevant and unique values to its all alt tags so that is considered as a good website.
  • Image Optimization – If you have used heavy images without optimization so these images will decrease the speed of your website. Most users do not wait much for a web page to open its content. If a website is slow so users cut the page and go to another website after 3 seconds. So to reduce the image size and image optimization is very important to increase the speed performance of every website.
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing
    Content must have a reasonable amount of keywords to get ranking and traffic. If a keyword is repeated multiple times in the content of a web page so Google can penalize that due to keyword stuffing policy. So we should use care to use the keywords.

By doing these Search Engine Optimization steps you will modify and increase the appearance of your site ranks in Google.

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