Glowlogix logoOur core mission:

Apart from getting glowing feedback, here at Glowlogix, our core mission is to design and develop pixel-perfect websites. Since 2012, we’ve delivered hundreds of WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify websites to a vast range of clients. Our custom e-commerce solutions allow companies to effectively market their products or services directly from their site.

But our offerings don’t end with website development; we also do extension development and third-party API integration, and we provide quality assurance (QA) and digital marketing services.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to build customized solutions that make their businesses stand out in the crowd. There’s nothing we love more than hearing how our services impact clients — and that’s why we’re excited to have recently partnered with Clutch. What sets Clutch apart is that anyone who leaves a review on the site is thoroughly vetted, which builds legitimacy for service providers. Verified reviews show service providers in an unbiased and transparent light, giving potential buyers the confidence to make the right choice.

Glowing Feedback:

We’ve collected 3 glowing feedback on Clutch, along with a perfect 5-star rating! Our first review came from Biltmore Equity, a multi-venture company that brought us on in 2018 to provide development services. We’ve helped with multiple websites, advanced web apps, and custom graphic designs.

The client deemed these projects “notable examples”:

  • an online gaming forum, which is now being used by thousands of active members daily;
  • a cheese and wine provision online e-commerce solution; and
  • an online informational resource guide, which is helping prospective medical students make the right decisions.

Biltmore Equity commends our team’s ability to solve complex problems using critical thinking. They’re also pleased that we routinely satisfied the requirements of the customer. Although deadlines were strict.

glowing feedback

3Dmate, a startup that created the world’s first multi-purpose 3D design mat for 3D printing pens, left us another review. After launching their Kickstarter campaign, they needed an online presence, so they hired us to build a Shopify website.

Our Work Process:

Using 3Dmate’s logo, we presented them with three site design options. Once they selected one, we got to work developing the site, following an iterative process so that we could collect the client’s feedback. We did everything, from the design and layout to the color scheme. Our team implemented 3 landing pages, video content, a project section with descriptions and guides on how to use the product, and a blog. We also ensured that the site was SEO-optimized and responsive.

glowlogix portfolio 3dmate

3D mate

“I was really happy with their service, engagement, and advice on websites and SEO.” — President, 3Dmate

The client was pleased that even after delivering the site, we were willing to add features at very reasonable rates. The client reported a “tremendous boost in international orders,” which they say they wouldn’t have been able to capture without the site.

We’re eager to collect more reviews and continue to establish our reputation within the B2B services marketplace. In the meantime, check out our digital portfolio and let us know how we can help you!