Is WordPress demand in 2024? A complete guide

Written by - rafay

April 26, 2024

As a seasoned WordPress developer, I can tell you that WordPress demand in 2024 or becoming a WordPress developer can be a fulfilling career choice in 2024, especially if you enjoy creating and improving websites. It offers a blend of creative and technical challenges that keep the work interesting. With the high demand for WordPress developers and the potential for good pay, it’s a field with plenty of promise.

Web developers must either embrace innovation or run the danger of becoming lost in the maelstrom of new digital trends in a field that is always changing. The WordPress domain is among the most active domains among the several coding domains. Let’s examine its core to show developers the timeless appeal it has to offer. Is WordPress demand in 2024, or have things changed so they are nostalgic for Web 2.0?

I will talk about just that in this essay. We’ll take a look at what WordPress development entails, determine whether it’s a career that could make you smile every time you get paid, ascertain whether employers are actively seeking out these developers, and discuss whether mastering WordPress is more akin to climbing a mountain or more like a piece of cake. So, if you’re wondering if it’s worth it to walk this route, stay put and I’ll give some information that might just help you decide.

What is WordPress Development?

I’ll start by explaining what WordPress development entails. As a well-known content management system, WordPress is a platform that makes it easier for users to develop and maintain websites without having to know how to code anything from scratch. Similar to building with Legos, you can assemble pre-made parts to create something very amazing. Working with these components, a WordPress developer can construct functionality, alter website layouts, or even create original components that other people can use on their websites. Writing code, fiddling with website designs, or working through puzzles to get websites to function the way people want them to could be your daily tasks. Making the web a more beautiful and helpful environment is the main responsibility of this position.

Is WordPress Developer a Good Career in 2024?

wordpress developer is a good career

Indeed, working as a WordPress developer in 2024 will still be a good career decision. WordPress is still a popular content management system that powers millions of websites all over the world. There is still a need for developers with experience in WordPress theme and plugin creation, website customization, performance optimization, and security enhancements, even though the industry may change depending on trends and technology breakthroughs. This is a job path that allows you to adapt to the internet, so you won’t be trapped doing the same old thing every day. Of course, we also need to discuss pay. The average yearly compensation for a WordPress developer in the United States is $84,542, per ZipRecruiter. In terms of pay, there is a wide range—from $18,500 to $156,500—depending on factors including experience, region, and competence.

Is WordPress Development Hard?

If you’re considering learning WordPress programming, you may be concerned about how difficult it will be. Well, it can be challenging at times, just like acquiring any new ability. The good thing is that WordPress offers an intuitive user interface. Not only does this imply that creating websites is simple, but it also implies that learning to be a developer isn’t as difficult as you may have imagined. You will indeed need to learn how the platform functions, grasp design and do some hands-on coding.

However, there are a tonne of learning tools available, such as forums where you can ask problems and get assistance from other developers, as well as online classes. It’s wonderful that it’s a welcoming environment for beginners. It becomes simpler the more you practice and take on obstacles. Therefore, even if there may be a little hill to climb at first, it’s most definitely not insurmountable, and many people find the journey enjoyable and fulfilling.

The Spread Of WordPress And Its Domination

WordPress has written an incredible story of growth and impact in online development’s fascinating and illustrious history. Being born as a basic blogging platform, WordPress became the foundational cornerstone of the internet domain, empowering an amazing 43% of websites worldwide. In addition to shining as a testament to greatness, its trajectory offers developers seeking to spearhead innovations in the rapidly changing digital space priceless insights. With its intuitive design and extensive feature set, WordPress has evolved from a modest idea into a worldwide force that is still influencing the digital landscape. Its future and journey are testaments to this amazing adventure.

WordPress’s Effect on Employment

Since WordPress is still in demand by far the most popular content management system, there is a high need for developers who are skilled with this flexible platform. Many surveys and reports continue to highlight the growing need for WordPress specialists and predict a significant increase in opportunities of 16% to 21% by 2030. This ongoing interest is not just ascribed to the sheer volume of WordPress websites but also the platform’s versatility and frequent improvements. These features encourage developers to explore new areas inside the WordPress ecosystem by providing them with lots of opportunities for creativity.

Current Job Market For WordPress Developers

Job market for WordPress development, WordPress demand in 2024

WordPress demand in 2024 has increased in the digital era. This case study explores the reasons behind WordPress’s increasing popularity, which are fueled by its market domination, strong e-commerce features, and remarkable flexibility. In addition to dominating the CMS market, WordPress has become a major force in e-commerce, offering businesses unparalleled customization and sophisticated technical support that they highly value.

WordPress’s Market Domination

The remarkable dominance of WordPress in the online space is difficult to ignore. WordPress is unquestionably influential, with a dominant 42.7% market share of all websites and an astonishing 62.5% among sites using a recognized content management system.  Its growth trajectory has been consistently steady since 2011, supported in 2024 by the contributions of approximately 225 enterprises to its core. These WordPress statistics highlight the platform’s critical role in influencing the web’s landscape in addition to highlighting its critical position.

E-Commerce Powerhouse

With the addition of the WooCommerce plugin, WordPress—which started small as a blogging platform—has grown into a powerful force in e-commerce. Fueling 19% of all e-commerce websites at the moment, WooCommerce stands out in a competitive market against platforms like Shopify, especially when it comes to the top million sites. This demonstrates WordPress’s amazing adaptability and displays its features beyond content management.

Flexibility, Customization, And Technical Proficiency

Companies appreciate WordPress developers for their extraordinary ability to customize websites to meet certain requirements. Creating unique themes, plugins, and features not only improves user experiences but also sets companies apart in the cutthroat digital market. Because of their adaptability, WordPress developers are a valuable asset to any group. Although WordPress is known for having an intuitive user interface, a skilled developer is required to fully utilize its capabilities. Proficiency in WordPress core, APIs, and code standards enables developers to address complex technical issues, improve website performance, and strengthen their highly desirable security technical expertise.

Ongoing Support And Maintenance

Because of the dynamic nature of the internet, maintaining and updating websites regularly is necessary to meet changing consumer expectations and trends. A crucial part of continuing support is played by WordPress developers, who make sure websites stay up-to-date, safe, effective, user-friendly, and search engine optimized. Maintaining a reliable online presence that draws and keeps visitors depends on their capacity to anticipate weaknesses, roll out new features, and maximize performance.

Competitive Salaries

The average yearly salary for a WordPress developer in the US is $84,542 as of April 18, 2024. In case you require a basic wage calculator, that comes to about $40.65 per hour. This works out to $1,625 a week or $7,045 a month. The bulk of WordPress Developer salaries presently range between $60,500 (25th percentile) and $99,500 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $148,000 yearly across the United States. However, ZipRecruiter reports annual wages as high as $156,500 and as low as $18,500. Because the average salary range for a WordPress developer is so wide (it can vary by up to $39,000), there may be many prospects for growth and higher income depending on factors like location, years of experience, and skill level.

Is WordPress Demand in 2024?

You may be asking, among other things, if WordPress demands in 2024. The response is unquestionably yes. There is always a need for experts who can optimize and customize WordPress websites because so many of them are powered by this platform. Both large and small businesses want their websites to stand out, and they need professionals to help them do so.

CMS Websites (% of total) Websites (number)*
WordPress 43.1% 810 million
Shopify 3.9% 70 million
Wix 2.5% 43 million
Squarespace 2.1% 38 million
Joomla 1.8% 30 million


According to Colorlib, WordPress is used to create over 810 million websites, many of which need to be maintained by a qualified WordPress specialist. Furthermore, an increasing number of users are using Google to search for “WordPress Developer,” according to Google Trends. This indicates unequivocally that there is still a great need for and relevance for WordPress developers.

Wordpress trend

It appears that there will be a continued need for WordPress experts rather than it being a fad. Businesses are looking for people who are familiar with this platform as more and more move their operations online. Therefore, if you’re thinking about a career in WordPress development, there appear to be many chances available for qualified developers in this field, therefore the odds are in your favor.


In conclusion, WordPress demand in 2024 remains robust and ever-evolving, driven by its versatility, ease of use, and extensive community support. As a comprehensive guide has shown, WordPress continues to be the platform of choice for individuals, businesses, and organizations seeking to establish an online presence efficiently and effectively. With its continuous updates, vast plugin ecosystem, and adaptability to emerging trends, WordPress stands as a cornerstone of the digital landscape, poised to meet the evolving needs and demands of users in the years to come.

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