The Evolution of Virtual Reality Within WordPress – A Big Trend in 2017

Virtual Reality

Written by - Masood

September 8, 2017

Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer limited to the gaming industry, and WordPress is looking forward to lead in this regard. WP-VR-view is a plugin that allows you to display Photo Sphere images and 360 video on wordpress pages, posts, etc.
Website visitors will be able to navigate through your panoramas. Smartphone users can use Google cardboard to look through in Virtual reality way.


Web design support for virtual reality – WordPress

VR Implementation demands the library support in websites. So we also have a JavaScript library called WebVR that is aimed at making VR available in regular web browsers and not only in specialized apps. Moreover, it offers access to all the VR headsets in your web browsers. Currently, there are many affordable headsets available; here are few popular ones to mention:


The implications for combining VR with WordPress are potentially high. For example, VR adoption by e-commerce sites could mean customers no longer need to visit a store to interact with a product. It also has huge potential for use in areas such as real estate, travel, and sports. Absolutely, there are some drawbacks to consider, such as designing for both VR and regular users, and the gigantic amount of bandwidth required.

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