Dedicated Hosting Servers vs Shared Hosting Servers

Dedicated Hosting Servers vs Shared Hosting Servers

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March 9, 2019

Dedicated Hosting Servers vs Shared Hosting Servers:

This guide will give you detailed information about the benefits of dedicated hosting servers over shared hosting.

Hosting contains all the elements of your website like images, audio, video, documents, files, and others.

The hosting accesses these data by using the internet so that anyone can find out your data through the website.

Different companies buy and handle servers to provide hosting services.

Servers use advanced-level technology and software to assure that your website is live and available, fast in loading and opening, can handle specified traffic, has the essential bandwidth and capacity that you need, and also provide safety and security.

More than 1.3 billion websites are controlled by hosting providers, and the number is increasing day by day.

There are three types of hosts available in the global market, but we are describing two of them here:

Shared server:

These types of servers are hosting other websites too into their server. It is an entry-level process with a very low monthly cost.

Dedicated server:

These types of servers provide their full features to a single user. It has a higher cost of 100$ per month.

Virtual private server:

Mostly a dedicated server with its OS is used as the virtual private server.

It provides more characteristics and elasticity than a shared physical server. It costs between $20 to $100 per month.


Dedicated hosting servers vs shared hosting servers


Big Difference between Dedicated hosting servers & Shared Hosting servers:

  • If you have a dedicated server for hosting your website so it means that you control all the power of that server, CPU, RAM, disk storage, and everything else for your website.
  • Your server does not share its features and facilities with other websites and because of this in a dedicated server.
  • A website can get a full and fast speed which is the basic need of today.
  • But in shared hosting, the server divides its power and features into multiple websites which decreases the speed of every user.
  • Cost is the second difference between dedicated and shared hosting. A website on a shared server has divided features on the other hand the maintenance cost is higher.
  • A dedicated server may have more price than a shared one but its fast loading speed increases the conversion rates which directly increases the leads.
  • So an expensive dedicated server is worth more than a cheap shared server.


What You Get with Dedicated Hosting Servers:

We can show you a comparison of three parameters which are performance, security, and control and you can find out which hosting is better.


Level of Performance:


Performance of dedicated hosting servers


Shared Hosting servers:

In shared hosting, the users have to face performance limitations because several websites run their processes simultaneously.

So the slow speed of the website impacts badly on the coming traffic of every website.

This poor user experience decreases traffic, leads, and conversions.

In that bad condition, you have to invest more time and resources to improve the speed which can cost you more.

Dedicated Hosting servers:

In this kind of server, a user has full access because it has not shared its resources with more than one user.

By using this dedicated hosting server thousands of visitors or a few can have a great user experience with fast loading response due to processing power, RAM, bandwidth, storage, etc.

By using this kind of server your website will get three major benefits: performance, security, and control.

Level of Security:


Security of Server


Shared Hosting servers:

If a website in shared hosting violates the security terms and standards, it will be blocked by search engines.

In this kind of hosting, you have no access to know about your neighbor’s websites.

Due to any unethical or illegal internet usage of any website the server IP address can be blocked and blacklisted.

by search engines, even the authority of a complete server can be penalized and blocked.

Shared hosting also you firewalls and malware for protection, but it can also impact the whole server in case of any issue.

Dedicated Hosting servers:

It has fewer risks and more security because you’re the only server user.

You can use different types of scripts and software, and arrange security actions like firewalls and anti-virus to meet your needs.

The dedicated hosting provider offers 24/7 network monitoring, security audits, scanning systems, updates, and backups to satisfy its users.

Level of Control:


Level of dedicated hoisting servers


Shared Hosting servers:

If we talk about the control of hosting so shared hosting is good for startup businesses

New users or non-technical users can use this kind of hosting because hosting providers control the back-end side and maintain the website.

You cannot control different types of files and scripts and you will face limited options to deal with your advanced applications.

But at the same time, it is an economical choice of having an affordable website that runs on basic serviceability.

But this is surely not a good option for an e-commerce or business website that requires more strong or enlarged functions like apps, plugins, and extensions integrations.

Dedicated Hosting servers:

In this case, a user has more options to control a server and perform the custom extendable functionalities for a website.

You can use your suggested scripts, programs, and applications.

As described earlier, you can select your security action even if you will have control over your server property.

But you must have experience of dealing with multiple options such as scripts and languages or you can hire a professional individual for it.

You can specify your custom needs because you are your webmaster.

Some dedicated hosting providers offer free server management as part of their dedicated server package.

Bandwidth & Disk Space:

Shared Hosting servers:

In this case, a normal user has limited disk space because resources have been shared with every available user on the shared server.

If any website wants to increase space and bandwidth so it has to invest more money.

Dedicated Hosting servers:

In this kind of hosting a user has unlimited access to space and bandwidth which means that a dedicated hosting user can target maximum traffic and also can store maximum data.


No doubt shared hosting is being used a lot because of its low cost but it is not the best choice.

There are merits and demerits of both dedicated and shared hosting whether you use WordPress, Shopify, or any other media to develop a website.

You can analyze your website and select the best option.

If you have an e-commerce business so you should select dedicated hosting.

Because always remember that your traffic can exit from your page in just a couple of seconds.

Dedicated hosting confirms that your website will get maximum traffic because of multiple features.

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